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Here is an open topic for your imagination and desires! So, you can leave a comment, or many, with your Custom Videos Ideas, if you wanna share them with everyone, maybe some of the models will like to try your ideas!

NEW ideas are always welcome but this doesn’t mean that you must request free custom videos here, if you really want a custom video the best option is to contact the model and to ask about!

Thank you!


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  1. Please find below my very special wishes, would be very cool to see this:

    * Your outfit: Hot lingerie, stockings, high heels
    * At the beginning of the video you should tell me that I am your slave and you
    will educate me as your perfect toilet slave. You tell me that I have to swallow
    everything what comes out of your mouth, pussy, and ass. But not only that, I am
    also responsible for cleaning you after pissing and shitting with my tongue
    * As I am a very unexprienced slave you will help me during my first cleaning
    job as you will force me to sniff poppers (which me makes usually really horny)

    Main part of the video:

    You are standing in front of me, forcing me to sniff poppers (3 times on each
    side), then you shit on a plate, forcing me again sniffing poppers. After that
    ,you tell me to clean your ass with my tongue. Present me your ass and I have to
    lick every peace of shit. You tell me that I´ll have to eat the whole plate of
    shit once I am not able to clen your ass perfectly. Once I´ve finished you´ll do
    the check whether you ass is clean. Obviosly it´s not and therefore I have to
    eat the plate full of shit. You force me again to sniff poppers and the big
    final is that you presenting me the plate with shit and force me to eat it. Here
    it would be very cool to see all the time the plate with shit and as well your
    face (ssing only the plate is not so cool in my phantasie)

    What do you think, is it possible to make this dream real. I am rally looking
    forward to hear from you

    Have a nice day

  2. jbrewer163

    Hey firstly can I say what an amazing site!
    I have a custom video idea that could perhaps star you Josslyn, and your two good friends Ella and Diana. Where you are doing a baking competition and each of you make a baked poop brownie for you to try and whoever wins is the person with the best tasting chocolate. Obviously you don’t have to eat it all but get a good taste. Let me know what you think 🙂 <3

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