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With my cute babydoll lingerie on and red lipstick just how you like it, i show off my body as i lay back and spread my legs and begin to shit i shit all in my sexy lingerie and it busts out the side, so much shit creamy and all forms a big ball of shit as it sits, the warmth feels so good my shit is amazing! i then take my lingerie off and the huge load of shit falls out to the grown ITS SO BIG!Then i need to pee so i spread my pussy lips and begin to aim hte piss and it goes far! back to my shit, i shitted alot and need to shit even more i turn to my side and begin to strain as some more come out my ass. then i get the huge load and SLAP IT ON MY SHITTY ASS AND PUSSY! as its on my ass i want you to come and lick and chomp down on my shit,,you love this nasty view and want more! i then take it off as so much creaminess stays on my ass i then strain for more shit! i put my ass in my finger and show all the shit thats lurking inside and then i get the ball of shit and smear it all together to make it even bigger the texture of the creaminess forms instantly and the smell of it turns me on so much, my fingers are covered with shit and its getting everywhere, this big ball of shit is heavy and waiting to be eaten by a nasty scat pig like yourself, Come buy this video its nothing like youve seen before !

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