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I invite you back.. I hear you love a sexy girl like me farting in your face, sniffing the shit thats cooking in her arse… Then her dropping her load in your mouth..
Well your in for a treat baby as I love to tease.. I fart in my jeans in your face telling you I can feel my big load moving down my to my asshole..
I then pull my jeans down and fart in your face in my panties you see a skid mark forming in my panties so I slide them down and fart in your face with my bare ass..
You smell that shit.. Wana have a peek.. I fart again and my arsehole opens and you see my shit inside just waiting there to be eaten buy you..
Looks yummy huh?
To Bad…
And I bring you over to the throne and make you sit there starting at my pussy and hearing the spash below when the big log drops..
That could have been in your tummy but instead you can now watch it being flushed.
I bring your face to my shit and flush making you watch it being flushed away..
Now im going to fart in your face with my unwashed arse so you can get a good sniff of those shitty farts

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