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I’m the sister who likes to torment her younger brother with many cruel tricks. Today I decided to ruin my brother’s train because I’m tired of all the noises it makes. I show it off on the camera, how nice it looks put together. But I’m not impressed. I mock it a bit, stupid train, it is an useless toy. I crush each of train cars one after another, stomping them to many pieces. I push the wreckage into a pile. HMMM A very naughty idea crosses my mind. I’m going to pee on these fucking broken trains! I undress all myr clothes, and I take the smashed trains with me to the bathroom.I squat over the pile of ruins, hold open my pussy with my fingers, and piss a huge stream upon the broken trains. My god, this is so fun! I enjoyed that so much, now I’m going to ruin everything else that is part of the train set, too, until nothing remains! One after another, i stomp all the buildings.I colllect the destroyed ruins in a box that I placed into my bathroom.The destroyed trains are worthless except to be used as my toilet once again. So I do my last act and I pee and shit on the ruins! My brother will have the best present ever hahahaha! I writed on the box: “your train is here” :)) Enjoy!

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