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I have a treat for you! But first you have to prove to me that you are worthy of my special treat! Show me how much you want to please me. All you have to do is eat a huge, massive load of my shit!

My ass is stuffed full of a gigantic snake of a turd! If you eat it all then I will give you the treat! My treat will help you wash down all that shit! My treat is my squirt!

If you eat all of my shit then I will squirt right in your face! I’ll let you taste my sweet, delicious girl cum! I’ll spread my pink lips and make myself cum with my favorite toy! I’ll cum all over your face! My cum will splash down into your mouth and you’ll be able to taste how sweet and warm my cum is!

I know you want to taste it! But first, first you must eat all the shit that’s about to cum out of my ass! Are you ready!?


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