Custom Requests are where you and a buyer discuss, via private messages, a custom transaction. Something like selling poop, panties, things like that. You and the buyer agree upon a price via private messages. The buyer then visits this product to pay for it. You’ll get the order confirmation via email once it’s paid for like usually, and then you fulfill the buyers request. If the request requires you to ship something, you MUST ship with a method that includes a tracking number. All requests must be completed within a reasonable time period to avoid chargebacks and complaints (generally shipped within 10 days).

So what you have to do here is:

  1. Put a good title, like “Custom Request for MYNAME”, “Buy my dirty panties” or something that catches the customers attention.
  2. In the description field talk about what types of requests you like to fulfill. Shipping turds, panties, whatever, really.  No limits here! Here you can also sell your Skype Shows (if you are doing this, of course). If you want to sell a Skype Show Request you will need write the prices for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes, etc. Anyway you will have an option without price on your request too! Also you will have to send the skype id to the customer but just after he paid for the show! (*Is against the rules to share private information with the customers before payment, so all custom video or custom requests must be paid for only using The goal is to encourage buyers to send you a private message and when you two agree on what you want to sell, then the buyer comes to this form to fill in the agreed upon price and pay for it.
  3. Add a image with the requests you would like to sell
  4. You will leave blank the File Url from the UPLOAD!
  5. In the END you need to select the Custom Request from Download Category!

If you have any questions just send a private message to IWantScat or an email to!

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