Custom Videos are where a buyer gives you a script via Messages, and you make their video. This is NOT for adding regular clips that you’ve already made. Your buyer will fill out a script, buy the product, and communicate with you via private messaging on what they want (before they pay, hopefully!). After the buyer purchases the custom video, you make it, and send it to them. You can also sell the video you made. The best way to deliver a custom video to your buyer, once filmed, is to send the buyer a link to Dropbox, Google Drive, or another file sharing link, because for the moment the site doesn’t have another alternative!

So what you have to do here is:

  1. Put a good title, like “Custom Video by YourName” or something that catches the customers attention.
  2. Put a description of what your willing to do in custom videos, and if you have any set pricing for them, describe it here (aka for 10 minutes video,  for 15 minutes,  for 20 minutes , for 30 minutes, etc….). Pricing is not set the same as clips. Your buyers will send you private messages asking for specific types of videos to be made, and you can tell them how much you want for that clip. So put any base pricing in the description and try to invite the communication between you and the buyer by asking them to send you a private message before.
  3. You will leave blank the Price and the File Url from the UPLOAD!
  4.  In the END you need to select the Custom Video Request from Download Category!

If you have any questions just send a private message to IWantScat or an email to!

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